Useful Suggestions for Choosing the Coolest Kiddie Party Souvenirs

What’s the one thing that your guests will remember about your kid’s birthdays? They may take note of the delicious food and the awesome games, but what literally stays with them are your giveaways. They take these with them back home. Their kids can play with them or use them in their own rooms. When they see the souvenir, they’ll think about your kid’s birthday bash and how everyone had a grand time.

And what better way to make sure that they remember who gave these things away than making personalized labels in New Zealand or other countries. Stick these labels on your giveaways so that they’ll always remember which party they got these cool stuff from. Ready to know what cool souvenir items you should buy for your kid’s birthday bash?

Personalized Mini-chairs

Wooden kids’ stools are cheap. They look and feel premium, but they don’t cost more than $7 each. You can personalize the tools with your kid’s name, as well as the date and venue of the birthday. This will be a cute reminder of what the guests received from your party. For sure, these stools will end up in their kids’ bedrooms and playrooms. You can even have these tools in different colors and characters.

Mason Jars

You can fill up the mason jars with just about anything you can think of. You can put candies, cakes, chocolates, plush toys, and other things. They’re an awesome way to package your main souvenirs. You can also print out sticker labels so that your kid’s name is on the jars or caps.

Stuffed Toys

There are two ways to do this: You can get plush toys made specially for your kid’s birthday, or you can have your guests make their own stuffed toys. The latter is a great party activity. Instead of having them break a piñata, why not hire a party supplier that can teach kids how to make their own plush toys?

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Hologram Photos

Forget about photo booths. You can now hire a hologram photographer to make hologram photos of your guests. The kids will surely get a kick out of seeing the holographic effect project two images. You can have your kid’s name printed on the side of the frame as a reminder where they got the souvenir from.

Lunch Boxes

Surely, these lunch boxes will be a hit to many kids and their parents? These are thoughtful gifts since they can be used by your kiddie guests at school. Kids can also use these lunch boxes to store their toys, color pens, coloring books, and many other things.

Hand Sanitizers and Insect Repellants

Aren’t these more of a giveaway for the parents rather than the kids? These bottles will surely be a hit even among your adult guests. After all, who has never dived into their bags to look for a bottle of hand sanitizer? Insect repellants are great, too, because they ensure that the kids are protected from pesky mosquito and insect bites.

No matter what kinds of souvenirs you choose for your kid’s birthday bash, know that they will be appreciated by your guests. These days, with too many things on your plate, it’s a miracle you’re able to pull off a party for your kid. That alone is a reason to celebrate.

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