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How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation as a Boss

Summer’s just around the corner. In a matter of weeks, spring will say goodbye, and it’s officially time for the sun and the sea. If you run your own business and you have a scheduled summer holiday, chances are you’re already in a bit of a panic right now. After all, you will be gone for days or even weeks, and you have all the right and all the reason to worry about the business you’ll be leaving behind.

But, first things first: you deserve that holiday. Yes, that’s something you need to hear. No rule says the best leaders are those who never clock out of work. In fact, not allowing yourself some time off your official duties to recalibrate or even to give yourself time to miss your job could result in burnout. More importantly, it’s possible to go on a holiday, as a boss, without compromising workplace productivity.

Equipment check

This is a surefire way to give you peace of mind even while you’re on a tropical island hundreds of miles away from the office. Check all critical equipment at the workplace. If you’re in the business of producing consumer goods, make sure your product assembly line, filler machines, air compressors, and whatnot are working just fine.

If you run an agency of some sort, make sure that the office’s HVAC system is in tiptop shape that your employees won’t have to suffer a faulty air conditioning system that makes working in the heat of summer impossible. The goal is to proactively deal with any possible equipment breakdown. That means while you’re away, you won’t be receiving calls from work about problems that can be prevented.

Delegate leadership

One thing that separates a good from an excellent leader is mastery of delegation. It’s an art and a science. And you must learn to pull it off with panache. If you think you have already successfully inculcated the skill of delegation, now is the best time to put it to the test. Before you leave for your summer holiday, choose point persons in the office to assume the responsibilities you will be leaving behind.

Do not play favorites. Your goal is to pick staff members that have the best leadership potential. Communicate your expectations with them.

Trust your staff

Business Modernization

No business enterprise will progress without trust between the managers or the business owner and employees. The latter should be able to trust that the former has their best interest in mind. The former has to trust the latter is sincere in their desire to help the business succeed. It’s a two-way street. And you have to initiate this passage.

If you actively show trust to your employees, they will gain a sense of accountability. They will not feel like mere pawns in a business operation but critical stakeholders.

Pick a destination with reliable internet

Sure, you’re ready to fly to the Caribbean and forget about work. You want to sip cocktails. Relax on a hammock. Still, you want to stay accessible to your staff should a pressing concern come up. With that said, you want to spend your holiday in a place with reliable internet.

Soon Elon Musk’s Starlink will connect even the farthest areas of the globe to the internet. While that’s still not fully operational, at least content yourself with exotic destinations that are not entirely off the grid.

Have a security system in place

Micromanagement is frowned upon by business experts. However, sometimes you have no choice but to spy on your employees. Maybe previous incidents have made you that way. If this situation resonates, rest assured you can still go on a summer holiday.

Put up a security system that will allow you to gain video access to the goings-on in your office or production facility using a mobile device. While you’re on vacation, you can spot-check what your employees are doing. Just make sure you do not overdo it. Do not sacrifice your much-needed holiday. Constantly checking your phone to see what’s happening at work defeats the purpose of you going on a vacation.

Once you have followed the recommendations included here, it’s time to slowly detach yourself from work-related concerns. Your goal is that your mind will have shifted to holiday mode once you reach your chosen destination. Whenever you feel like your thought process is diverging from that goal, tell yourself, loudly, if you must, that you deserve a break. You need that vacation. Believe that once you return to the office, you’ll be a better leader—a more cheerful one at that.

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