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Tools You’ll Find Useful for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The popularity of digital marketing increased when the pandemic started after the authorities made shelter-in-place orders. Due to this, businesses had to shift to online selling to connect with their customers, who started to rely on buying the things they needed online.

As more businesses go online, business owners had to familiarize themselves with different digital marketing tools to increase their online presence. Here are some tools that they can use for their digital marketing strategy.

Online File Storage Service

Business owners can make their work easier if they transfer essential files online. With this, they may want to use an online file storage service, such as Google Drive. Using a cloud-based storage service allows businesses to access the files anywhere. It also facilitates file synching since they can automatically update the files whenever they access them.

These services are also designed for collaboration, allowing business owners to provide access to the service to their staff. Business owners can share files and folders with the staff members who can update the files whenever necessary.

Additionally, the business owner can also enhance the protection of the files by using different security measures, such as using two-step verification and encrypting the data before transferring them to a different storage service.

Online Community Builder

Setting up an online community also allows a business to increase the familiarity of prospective clients with the brand. These communities also increase the trust of existing customers with the business. An online community brings together people who interact with each other online through a platform.

These communities may be a small group composed of 10 people up to a Facebook group made up of thousands of people. Business owners can use a social media network to create a community. But they can also use a community builder, such as Disciple. These online community builders allow the business owner to customize the community depending on his needs.

Additionally, business owners can monetize the community by offering premium products that their business offers to selected customers.

CRM System

customer relation management (CRM) system allows business owners to manage their relationships with their customers. This tool is useful if the business grows to facilitate the management of data associated with its clients, including its previous clients, existing clients, and potential clients.

While businesses might have used spreadsheets to organize the data in the past, there are limitations when they use these tools, even if they can access them online. Using a CRM allows the business owner and the staff to easily access the information they need.

A CRM system also allows businesses to monitor and manage communication with customers. It also facilitates tracking the billing information of the customers. Additionally, the business owner and staff can also view updated information about the customers and other information about projects associated with individual customers.

Project Management Tools


Businesses may also need to use project management tools to facilitate running the business. These tools can help business owners plan, organize, and manage different resource tools they use for the business.

The tools have different levels of sophistication depending on the needs of the business. Business owners can use these tools in scheduling, estimation, cost control, resource allocation, budget management, communication, and time management.

Project management tools allow a business owner to oversee the operations of the business from anywhere. There are PC-based as well as cloud-based project management tools. A business owner should use a cloud-based tool so he can access it anywhere.

Aside from running the business, these tools also allow the business owner to run a digital marketing campaign since they also offer file-sharing functions and chat services. Using these features allows the business owner to work with his staff to run the business’s online marketing strategy.

Resource Planning Tools

resource planning tool allows business owners to monitor the use of the resources of the business. These resources are mainly its staff to ensure they are working efficiently and effectively on the different projects of the business.

Monitoring the staff also allows the business owner to know if they are within or ahead of schedule in their digital marketing campaign. It also allows them to ensure the staff focuses on the right tasks and projects they should accomplish. Additionally, it also gives the business owner an idea if the business is short or overstaffed, which can affect the profitability of the business.

Managing a digital marketing campaign along with the operations of a business can be challenging. But with the right tools, business owners can easily monitor and organize the different aspects of the business and grow.

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