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Time to Chill Out: The 4 Easy Ways You Can De-Stress

Like it or not, being an adult is hard work. Various responsibilities like holding down a job and raising a family can make your life very stressful. What can you do about it?

When the stress of adulthood starts getting to you, do any or all of these four activities to chill out and relax. Don’t worry, they’re all easy and less expensive. And you could be surprised at how soothing they can be.

Do Some Light Yoga

Yoga uses breathing techniques and specific postures to engage your body and calm your mind. The medical benefits of yoga are well-documented. They include helping you become fitter by improving your body’s range of motion and balance. It’s also effective in dealing with specific chronic conditions, such as alleviating high blood pressure, easing anxiety disorders, and managing insomnia.

Of course, it’s also great for stress relief. Coupled with some meditation and enhanced by soothing music, light yoga can help you de-stress quickly. There are many online sources and videos that can guide you through simple poses to do at home. All you need is a quiet space large enough for you to stretch in.

Try a Little Coloring

Don’t knock coloring before you try it. Although you may think it’s childish, busting out some colored pencils and bringing pictures to vibrant life can be a very rewarding experience. There are many easy coloring books for adults that can provide you with hours of entertainment, relaxation, and fun.

These coloring books feature complex patterns and some even come with themes, like exotic jungle animals and interesting scenarios. The best part of coloring is you can flex your creative muscles easily. Just buy or borrow the coloring material of your choice and experiment combining different hues and getting in touch with your inner artist.

Start a Journal

Instead of using social media to document your day, try writing about your day and emotions with a good old-fashioned pen and paper. Some mental health experts say that three or five 20-minute journaling sessions a day leads to a decrease your blood pressure.

Journaling is also fun. Picking out the perfect notebook and selecting pens can be just as enjoyable as the actual writing. Unlike social media, your journal provides you a space to express your thoughts and emotions without public scrutiny.

Walk Around the Block

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Taking a walk around your community lets you enjoy the fresh air and interact with your neighbors. You’ll get to meet old friends and maybe make new acquaintances. You could stop by the local library, chill out at the park, and explore new stores. Walking can connect you with your community and show you that you aren’t alone in your struggles.

With today’s automobile-centric community layouts, several cities have created advocacy groups to promote walkability. One such organization is Feet First, which aims to make Seattle’s streets safer and more convenient for pedestrians.

Taking some time to regain your composure and de-stress doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. A little light coloring, a few minutes of stretching, or an afternoon exploring your neighborhood can be treasured moments that make adulthood easier.

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