The Clean Technology Behind Evolution Golf Carts

Evolution golf carts are making headway in the North American market after having success for years in Asia Pacific. The parts for Evolution golf carts are manufactured in China, and the carts sold in the North American market are assembled in Chino, California. HDL Electrical of Xiamen, China, owns Evolution Golf Carts.

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Like many other motor vehicles powered by electricity, their speed is among the top features of Evolution golf carts. Evolution golf carts are quick and can accelerate from 0 to their top speed of 25 miles per hour in 5 seconds. You can increase the speed of Evolution golf carts by replacing the OEM motor with a higher speed or torque upgrade electric motor from the aftermarket.

Common questions about these products concern their reliability, and the nature of the product problems owners may face. As with any battery-powered product, reduced performance or battery failure is one of the primary issues. You may need to replace the battery as the product ages, which can be expensive. Other electrical problems are another reliability concern.

To get the most speed from your Evolution golf cart without replacing the motor, keep your cart properly maintained, keep your tires inflated at the recommended 20 PSI, and keep the battery fully charged since the cart slows down as the battery discharges.

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