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You Can Feel Safe Even When You’re Home Alone

We should all feel safe in our homes, but unfortunately, there are occasions when we might feel vulnerable. We might worry about burglaries, for example, especially if the local media flags them as a problem in the community that we live in. And we might worry about other types of home intruders, especially when we live alone.

Thankfully, there are ways to deter and keep out any criminals from our homes, and the following are just some of the things you might want to consider.

#1: Secure your doors and windows

Many doors come with Yale locks, and while functional, they can still be forced open by anybody looking to gain entry into our homes. The same applies to the windows in our homes too. They can easily be smashed open by anybody with the intent to do so. However, it is possible to make our doors and windows more secure.

  • Buy tougher locks for your doors
  • Install a deadbolt on each exterior door
  • Reinforce the glass on your windows with window security film
  • Install glass break sensors (to scare off the intruders)
  • Add window bars

Speak to a home security professional, such as a locksmith, for more advice on securing your doors and windows, and which locks would be more suitable for your door or window type.


#2: Have a security system fitted to your home

Not only will alarms and security cameras alert you to any potential home intruder, but they will act as deterrents too. So, despite the expense, consider a security system for your home. It will give you better peace of mind, and you will feel safer, even when you’re home alone. Get in touch with trustworthy installers of home security systems in your area, and benefit from the advice they can give you, and the security systems that they can provide.

#3: Consider a guard dog

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, consider a breed that is known for its ability to protect and guard your home. German Shepherds, Bullmastiffs, and Caucasian Shepherd dogs are just three types of guard dogs that you might want to consider. Unlike smaller breeds of dogs that are all bark and no bite, these dogs will have the ability to defend you should somebody dare to trespass on your property. Commit to further research and find the right dog for your personal situation.

guard dog

#4: Light up your home exterior

If the exterior of your home is brightly lit, the would-be intruder will think twice before trying to gain access to your property. So, install lights that are activated through motion sensors, and focus on those parts of your home exterior where intruders are likely to try to gain access. Check out these outdoor exterior lights and the advice given on what to look out for when investing in something.
You can feel safe, even when you’re home alone, with one or all of the suggestions that we have given. So, improve your home’s security to improve both your peace of mind and your level of personal safety.

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