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The Unexpected Effect of the Pandemic: Boosting Small Businesses Online

The pandemic has brought a lot of problems to many people and businesses. From personal health to the economy, it’s become more than just a health emergency. It has also become a social and economic emergency all over the world.

You may have been adept in your work and climbing the career ladder, but with the COVID-19 pandemic blowing up, you could be one of the few who have been laid off, closed a business, or even lost a lot of money. But there are now many other opportunities that the pandemic opened to many people, especially those who have been staying or working from home.

Running an office does not mean you need a full staff and crew. That’s the old notion. Businesses today can be run from your home thanks to the internet. Here are some business ideas that you could start as long as you have some understanding of digital marketing, SEO and WordPress services.

Wellness Programs and Advice

Since it’s a pandemic, wellness and fitness programs are expected to become big. Sure, staying home does have its benefits—you surely won’t miss the traffic and the stress at the office, you relish times with your loved ones, and you can go straight to work while waiting for your morning coffee to get done. But it could be hard to become isolated.

With a lot of people feeling the uncertainty of the times and seeking release in the form of relaxation and decompressing, it’s a niche you could step into and profit from. Launching your own wellness regimen online could be a huge hit if done right.

Becoming a Freelance Employee

This is a very real alternative to trying out a niche and seeing if it will become a hit. If you consider yourself a career employee (starting from the rank and file while climbing the corporate ladder to relevance) through and through, then this niche could be for you.

Companies might hire your web design services to outsource work or ask for help with their WordPress SEO needs. You could ask them for a premium price, or at least, an amount which you see your services are worth. The time you start work is also flexible; for some people, freelance work might be their calling.


Collaboration with other Freelancers

Before the pandemic, working in the corporate world or running your own business was a lone wolf enterprise. The same isn’t at all true with bringing it online. If you run a coffee-grinding enterprise, you might consider partnering with a business supplying filters or one that sources and distributes affordable mugs. The name of the game in online businesses is collaboration.

Simply reacting to what the pandemic has turned the business into is like fighting a losing battle. The best enterprises as well as the longest-standing ones have learned to adapt to what’s given to them. This can also be said when running an online business.

Selling Goods Online

Let’s say you have a hobby that involves creativity and art. These days many people love artisanal creations, whether its woodwork, paintings, or even furniture design. Many people prefer these unique pieces as they could become collectibles or conversation pieces.

Take for instance the two teenagers who sold handmade goods online. What started for them as a hobby turned into a booming business. They’re enjoying what they do while making a profit off it. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it is.

Shifting Your Business for the Unexpected

Curiosity does kill the cat, but in the world of business, it’s simply adapting to what you think will work. The fall of economies due to the pandemic forced some small entrepreneurship to immediately consider plans A to Z. These companies managed to stay afloat during lean times last year, while others simply didn’t fare as well.

For some businesses, it was something that they never prepared for. But as a business owner, you should be open to experimentation and tinkering with different ideas for your company. Adapting to the times is one of those—figure out which of the others are.

It never is easy to run a business no matter how small or big, online, or otherwise. The key here is to enjoy what you’re doing and see what you’re doing as truly a business and not a job. The ideas you saw here are mere suggestions. If you’ve got some ideas of your own, then try them out and see how things would go. That’s the business you should be making!

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