Don’t Take Any Risks: How to Keep Your Workplace Safe

In the era of technology, we often think of cybersecurity before anything else. While this is a good idea, we mustn't forget about our workplace's physical security. Offices usually contain several valuables that are just waiting to be stolen: computers, cash, important documents. To minimize these business risks, consider implementing security measures and use these steps as a guide to protecting your business from theft, embezzlement, and other crimes.

Site Selection

If you're still in the process of choosing a location for your business, consider this: is the area prone to crime? High-crime areas have their pros and cons when it comes to pricing. Compared to areas with lower crime rates, high-crime areas are cheaper in terms of rent. You'll also have a lower chance of having any competing businesses in the area. However, you'll have to double your efforts in keeping your workplace secure and invest in more building security features.

Access Control

If you have a private office, your doors shouldn't open to anyone and everyone. The only people who should have access to your workplace are you and your team members. For this, you would need an access control system, a type of electronic security system which controls who enters a location and when. Give your employees key cards, and that's all they'd need to enter the building. If there are certain areas you'd like to keep your team away from, you can give each employee different levels of access, depending on their position in the company.


A great way to prevent burglaries from happening is to make sure you're doing everything to keep burglars away. One way to do this is to install motion sensor lights that turn on whenever the sensors detect movement. Burglars don't want visibility, and if they feel observed, it will make them think twice about stealing from your office or attacking employees who are on their way home. If you're not a fan of motion sensor lights, installing lights around your building is a good alternative, too.

Monitored Alarm Systems

When you run a business, you should consider installing alarms to enhance your security measures. These are huge deterrents to thieves. Some alarms can transmit emergency signals via your smartphone, landline, or internet connection to a monitoring station, allowing the proper authorities to be on the scene if anything happens. Other systems have two-way voice intercoms, where the intercom connects a designated person (it could be you or an employee of your choice) to the monitoring station. These alarms are useful for getting in immediate contact with the authorities.

Surveillance Equipment

Even if you have an access control system and other security measures, it doesn't mean that your workplace is 100% protected from burglars. They can find different ways to sneak in unless you're prepared. Install a surveillance system inside and outside your office so that if someone sneaks in during the day, whoever monitors your video can find them and take necessary action. If someone tries to sneak in at night, your motion sensor lights and cameras can trigger your security system, which sends you an alert for you to act on.


If you're a little paranoid despite having an access control system, you can still use deadbolt locks on your doors and windows that you can lock before leaving the office. It also helps to use locks on valuables like your computers and safes to ensure that even if someone does break in, they won't be able to steal anything. Make it a habit to check all your doors and windows before locking up and leaving. Don't get comfortable and think the door's locked just because you didn't see anyone use it. It's better to double-check and be safe rather than regret it later.

Bulletproof Glass

 If you're in an area that sees many burglars and you tend to store highly-valuable items, it's best to invest in bulletproof glass. It's considered to be one of the strongest kinds of glass in the world, and it's sure to prevent anyone from penetrating your office with bullets fired from pistols or rifles.

Security Experts

Even if you take all these extra security measures, you might still end up missing a step. Hiring a security expert to look at your current security system is a good way to check what you might be missing and how you can improve your current setup. It might be a little pricey now, but one upfront payment is worth top-notch security, and it can end up saving you a lot of money in the future.

It's important to remember that the health and safety of yourself and your team should be a top priority in your business. By following these tips and implementing strict security measures, you'll be able to run your business without worrying about your security.

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