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Home Theater in 2020: The Trends for the Rest of the Year

Although five months have already passed, it’s still never too late to make a new forecast on home theater trends. The coronavirus pandemic is changing how Americans live in a big way. More people are staying at home and thus probably have more time to pay attention and enjoy their home theater.

What is it going to be for the rest of 2020? Here are four predictions:

1. Automation Will Be the Name of the Game

By now, kids have been at home for about two months. Since it’s summer, they will be hanging around for a few more weeks. It means parents still have plenty of tasks to do. Automation can then help reduce stress.

A possible setup for a home theater, for example, can include integration with voice command speakers, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. These devices can already turn on TVs and surround sound or even pick a movie and show from Netflix.

They can also connect the lights that can dim when people watch their favorite films (especially great for horror movies) or blast music from Spotify.

2. Recliners Are the New Lounge Seats

While many still want to keep their sofas, more people can also upgrade with recliners. According to ResearchAndMarket.com, the demand for these furniture pieces could achieve a compound annual growth rate of over 6% from 2018 to 2024. By the end of the forecast period, the market could reach $33 billion.

Many factors now drive the popularity of recliners:

  • People are willing to pay the price for comfort. After all, Americans spent at least three hours a day watching something on Netflix during the quarantine. It’s a much longer time than 10 hours a week in 2019. If they sit this long, they would better make sure they are comfortable in their seats.
  • The United States has a high disposable income. The country has the highest average disposable income among OECD members. They have extra cash to spend on better things, such as recliners.

3. Multiple Screens Could Be the Norm

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Household members can have different interests and definition of entertainment. The excellent news is some streaming platforms, such as Hulu and Netflix, already allow multiple screens. This way, users can watch various programs at once. They can also play whatever they like and zoom in on the ones they enjoy the most later.

Although these options are not free, they are not ridiculously expensive either. For Netflix, the premium plan costs around $15 a month and allows account holders to view up to four screens. That‘s roughly five cups of Starbucks Venti.

4. Many Will Switch to Screen Projectors

Homeowners can pick among a variety of modern television screens from curved to smart and 4K. They can also avoid TVs altogether and use screen projectors instead.

Based on the data by Technavio, the demand for projectors could achieve a CAGR of over 15% until 2021. Within this period, the market value could already be $147 billion. That’s double the amount in 2016.

With the pandemic still present, Americans have to spend more time at home. It’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade their home theater system to get rid of the boredom.

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