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Advances in Biomedicine and Pharmacy

Manuscript Submission

Preparation of Manuscripts

  • Information for authors
    i) Online Submission:

    Manuscripts must be submitted online at Advances in Biomedicines And Pharmacy

    ii) Cover Letter:

    Summarize concisely the main highlights of the submitted work along with its applications and importance.

    iii) Types of articles considered:
    • • Original research articles.
    • • Reviews/Invited articles.
    • • Case reports.
    • • Letters to the editor.
    • • Book reviews.
  • Conditions

    Authors must take full responsibility for the factual accuracy of the data presented and must obtain full authorization mandatory for publication.
    Manuscripts that report fragmentary part of a larger study will not be entertained by the editor-in-chief.

  • Preparation of Manuscripts

    A manuscript should be written in a clear and concise manner. The manuscript text should be in Microsoft soft file typed in Times New Roman font (size 12), double -spaced. Pages should be numbered continuously. The authors should use Britain format of the English Language. Scientific names of organisms as well as Non-English words (in-vivo, in-vitro, in-situ) should be given in italics. Extensive use abbreviations are discouraged. These should only be used if they help to improve clarity of the text. Manuscripts reporting experimental results must be divided into the following sections.

    a) First page should include:
    • • Title of the research work.
    • • Full name and full postal address of all authors.
    • • Name and the e-mail address of the corresponding author.
    • • Running title (100 characters).

    b) Abstract (200-300 words).

    c) Introduction.

    d) Materials and Methods.

    e) Results.

    f) Discussions.

    g) Acknowledgement.

    h) References.

  • For Review articles
    • • May have different sections and headlines according to the subject matter as the author’s opinion.
    • • Abstract is necessary.
    • • Main headlines of the review should be summarized as a contents section immediately following the abstract
  • Figures
    Figures should be sent as TIFF, JPEG or EPS files. Both coloured and Black and White figures will be published. Following image sizes will be accepted.
    • • 8.00 cm (3.15 inch) wide for a single column or
    • • 17.00 cm (6.70 inch) for double column.
    • • Height = 20-25 cm.
  • Copyright for Figures/Tables

    If a figure or table has been published previously (even if you are the author of the paper), copyright permission for use of the figure/table will be required. The authors must acknowledge the original source and submit written permission from the copyright holder to reproduce the material of necessary.


    • Each table should be submitted on a separate page, typed using double-spacing, include a short title. Any symbols or observations must be defined immediately below the table.
  • References

    In the text, number in square brackets should be used to cite references. Complete author list should be given, however if the number of authors is more than 5, three names and should be used. Following are examples or order and style, which should be strictly followed:

    Article within a Journal:
    Koonin EV, Altschul SF and Bork P., “Bioactive potentials of Marine Cynobacteria”, Nat. Genet., 13:226-267,1996.

    Articles in Press:
    Koonin EV, Altschul SF and Bork P., “Bioactive potentials of Marine Cynobacteria”, Nat. Genet., in press.

    Book Chapter or article within a Book:
    Schnept E, “Microsomal lipid piroxidation. Methods Enzymol”, in origins of plastids, vol.2, 2ndEdn., R.A. Lewin (Ed), Chapman and Hall, New York, 57-76,1993.

    Complete Book:
    Margulis L, Origin of Prokaryotic cells, Yale University Press, New Haven.1970.

  • Submission of Manuscripits

    Submission of a manuscript to the ABP implies that it has not been published previously, that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere and further that if the paper is accepted, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in English or in any other language, without the written consent of the publisher. Authors are strongly recommended to submit their manuscripts online at Advances in Biomedicines And Pharmacy

  • Submission Checklist
    Before submitting a manuscript to the Journal, authors must check whether all the following items are included in the submissions.
    • • Letter for statement of justification of publication.
    • • A word file contains text, tables.
    • • Figures should be sent as TIFF, JPEG or EPS files. Names of potential references..
    • • Completed copyright transfer form.