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Advances in Biomedicine and Pharmacy


  • Electronic Submission
    Manuscripts must be submitted by e-mail to the editor-in-chief.

    Cover Letter
    Summarize concisely the main highlights of the submitted work along with its applications and importance.

    Types of articles considered

    • • Original research articles
    • • Reviews/Invited articles
    • • Case reports
    • • Letters to the editor
    • • Book reviews

    Authors must take full responsibility for the factual accuracy of the data presented and must obtain full authorization mandatory for publication. Manuscripts that report fragmentary part of a larger study will not be entertained by the editor-in-chief.

  • Peer review and Responsibility of reviewers
    All manuscripts submitted to the journal are peer reviewed before publication. The appropriateness of each manuscript is evaluated by the journal’s editor in chief and editorial board and refereed critically by two or three independent reviewers. The editor in chief reserves the right to reject or to return the manuscript to the author(s) for additional alterations.

    The responsibility of the reviewers will be to have a thorough scrutiny of the manuscripts and make comments on the following aspects of the submitted manuscripts:

    • Importance and application of the research to the field
    • Quality of data offered by the manuscript
    • Quality of controls/statistical analyses used
    • Originality and novelty of the research reported
    • Whether conclusions are justified/supported by data presented
    • How clearly and concisely the research work is reported
    • Writing standards including grammatical check and spelling mistakes

    Reviewers are asked to review the quality of the research reported accurately and honor the intellectual independence of the authors. Reviewers mustevidently explain and support their judgments as much as possible and in such a way that editors and authors may understand the basis of their comments.This is the responsibility of the reviewer to call to the editor's attention any considerableresemblance between the manuscript under consideration and any published paper or manuscript submitted simultaneously to another journal.Reviewers should point out related published work that has not been cited by the authors. Any statement that an observation, derivation, or argument had been previously reported should be accompanied by the relevant citation. A reviewer should treat a manuscript sent for review as a confidential document. It should neither be shown to nor discussed with others except, in special cases, to persons from whom specific advice may be sought; in that event, the identities of those consulted should be disclosed to the editor.

    Final acceptance of all submitted manuscripts is a decision made by the Editor in chief, Editor(s) in consultation with the Editorial Board and reviewers. If a submitted manuscript does not meet the standards of the journal the reviewers will have the responsibility to provide constructive criticism to support the authors in finally improving their work for publication. If a manuscript receives encouraging reviews but is not accepted immediately following the initial review, it may be invited for reconsideration with the belief that the authors will fully address the reviewer’s criticisms. Resubmitted manuscripts with major revisions will be sent back for peer review.

  • Editorial responsibilities
    The editors of Advances in Biomedicine and Pharmacy have full responsibility and right to accept a submitted paper for publication or to decline it. The editor may discuss with editor in chief or reviewers for an assessment to use in making this judgment.

    An editor has the responsibility to give rapid and impartial consideration to all submitted manuscripts offered for publication, judging each manuscript on its qualitiesand merits and respecting the intellectual independence of the authors. Circumstances that may lead to actual or apparent conflicts of interest should be sidestepped.

    The editorial board members should not reveal any information about a manuscript under consideration to anyone other than reviewers. Unpublished information, arguments, or explanationsunveiled in a submitted manuscript should not be used in an editor's own research except with the consent of the author. After an editor finds any piece of substantial plagiarism in a submitted manuscript, he should inform the editor in chief as soon as possible.