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Distribution, ethno-botanical appraisal and floral trait variability of Euphorbia wallichii Hook. f-An important medicinal plant of Kashmir Himalaya

Afrozah Hassan 1*, Irshad Ahmad Nawchoo 1, GG Mohi-Ud-Din 2, Shabana Gulzar 1


The present study was carried out on a medicinal herb Euphorbia wallichii Hook .f. (family Euphorbiacea) growing in Kashmir Himalaya. The intensive survey and explorations reveal that the species is distributed in the mountain ranges restricted to alpine and sub-alpine habitats, preferring open sunny meadows and open sunny slopes, along and beyond the tree line, at an altitudinal gradient of 2800m to 3600m asl. As reveled by the present studies floral dimensions show abundant variability across different selected populations. The ethnobotanical appraisal indicated that the species is used for the treatment of skin allergies of cattle, paste of leaves is used for the treatment of leprosy.
Keywords: Euphorbia wallichii, floral dimensions, skin allergies, tree line.